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Now and then.


I started Telegraph CrossFit back in 2012. Prior to that I had been coaching at San Francisco CrossFit since 2007. I always knew I wanted to own my own box and the opportunity finally presented itself. Telegraph CrossFit started at a small location in Telegraph Hill. Three months after we moved to Telegraph Hill we found another location which was not only larger but had higher ceilings and was central to multiple SF neighborhoods. This is our current location and we are extremely happy to be in an area where we can provide fitness to SF locals and traveling CrossFitters.

Back in 2007 CrossFit was still being figured out by the fitness industry. Many of my colleagues during 2004-2007 thought I was crazy, and this thing called CrossFit was out of control. I mean my Medball was a homemade basketball filled with sand and my muscle ups were done in between the cable machine at 24hr Fitness. I didn't have bumper plates, but thankfully I had a model C rower and a ton of kettle bells. I got results most of my colleagues wanted and the rest is history.

But nowadays, if you do not have a Rogue rig, Bumper plates both Pound and Kilos and the top of the line equipment you may as well have a 24hr Fitness membership. The community has definitely changed since I first started CrossFit. One thing will always remain the same and that is that CrossFitter's want to feel a sense of community. The unfortunate difference now, is that CrossFit has become so popular that people don't seem to care as much about the quality of coaching and programming they are receiving. They seem to be more focused on being a part of the CrossFit world/hype that is being driven by Reebok and the media. I find that the learning experience we as high level coaches have is that we always hold our members concerns, goals and ideas at the top of our priority list. Our community is one which is always growing socially, physically and spiritually and that is something that we will always be held to a high standard at our boxes. 

Constantly we are reminded of what our community means to us when we get text messages about a new PR or a race that one of our members has accomplished.  This in turn keeps us focused and motivated on our goals. Our staff views members as friends and we encourage and try to build strong relationships with them as time passes.  As previously said, one thing that was and is very important to me is that our community stay very close knit and we work hard both physically and emotionally to keep it that way.  The rest takes care of itself.


Photography by Shaik Ridzwan

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