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Telegraph Crossfit X StrikeMVMNT :: SFO

I never thought I could make an impact to so many lives day in and day out. Our Gym started out as a place for friends to hangout and get ridiculously fit. Though we are still that in essence we have evolved to accommodate Fitness to the everyday person. And that is where this story starts.

I can go on and on about what Fitness is but at the end of the day when I talk about Fitness I mean Movement. I grew up in San Francisco and have always been active. From little league to high school football to triathlons and even the CrossFit games.

Movement is what I geek out on. So we decided to see what "Movement" is happening in San Francisco. STR/KE MVMNT : A company that strives to be healthy and fit. They celebrate motion and mobility. That's a rad company and I wanted to get to know more about what they do. Luckily, Carl Paoli, a member of Telegraph and City CrossFit, is a part owner of STR/KE MVMNT. Carl was an elite gymnast in Spain, wrote a book on Movement ( Free style) and has been a strength and conditioning coach for over 10 years. But I digress.

Our gyms collaborated with Strike MVMNT to show you that proper workout gear is necessary for proper movement. Their product line is where I see our gyms service line: High in quality and geared for movement .  What better way to test out their apparel then to explore in our backyard.  

We love this town.  SF is where I'm from and I can't think of a better way to start this collaboration than to explore and showcase this beautiful city. 




Photography by : Shaik Ridzwan | The Mighty Motor


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