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3 Classes a Week Membership

This membership is offered to dedicated individuals ready to give it your all. 

12 Month Recurring Membership - $254/month (15% off)

6 Month Recurring Membership – $269/month (10% off) 

3 Month Recurring Membership – $284/month (5% off) 

1 Month *Non-Recurring Membership   - $299 - (3 x a Week)

***Pay in Full Discount Packages***

3 Month Pay in Full Membership – $807 (10% off) 

6 Month Pay in Full Membership – $1,525 (15% off) 

12 Month Pay in Full Membership – $2,870 (20% off) 


*We cannot pause memberships or put memberships on hold.

**There are no refunds on discounted packages paid in full.

***A $350.00 fee will be applied if you cancel your membership prior to end of contract. 

****All athletes MUST pass the Private Fundamentals course or Test out session prior to joining our facility. If you are moving from another CrossFit location, your coach may provide a letter of recommendation for you